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Guidelines on Starting a Blog.

You might be interested in starting a blog but fail to know how to go about it. By looking at the thousands of blogs that have been started from around the world, you might think that it is something very easy to do which is not the case. You however need to understand that starting your own blog that can help you make money is not so complicated and expensive if you are aware of what you need to do. The first thing that you should do is selecting a blog platform which could be such as Tumblr,, Blogger or which is also known as the self-hosted WordPress. There are some reasons why WordPress is recommended as opposed to all the others and one of them is that it has more than twenty thousand free plugins and one thousand five hundred free themes. 

WordPress also has great support in different forums and also over the whole internet. Visit here to ​learn more about Blogs. It also has seamless functionality and you can be able to create your unique design and style. WordPress is also an interaction platform that is easy to use. While making a blog on WordPress, there are some steps that you should follow. The first thing that you should do is selecting the domain name for your blog depending on your niche. You should then select the platform you will use for hosting and WordPress and choose the right hosting service to run your blog. The amount of money that you will spend for owning a blog will basically be dependent on the host provider you decide to use. there are many hosting providers that you can choose from and one of the best happens to be SiteGround. 
While signing up for SiteGround, a beginner should choose the startup plan instead of the other two plans that are available which are the GrowBig and GoGeek plans. To learn more about Blogs, visit ​here. The next thing that you will be needed to do is choosing your domain which you should have purchased from Namecheap. You should then create an account and enter the payment details. You need to then review and scan the terms and conditions that are provided and then submit which marks completion of the registration process. The next step that you should do is installing WordPress on SiteGround. After you have logged in to SiteGround account, you should go to the cpanel. While in the cpanel, you should click on the Softaculous icon which should take you to the Softaculous installer page. You should then click on WordPress which should take you to the WordPress installation page. Learn more from